How to Help Me Make My Next Film

Long-term readers, supporters, and friends—now is the chance to throw ten minutes of your day towards my future success.

What better time to resurrect a defunct newsletter than the top of a fresh year? I can’t guarantee regular posts quite yet, so for now I’ll lean on the standard vague promise that “much is planned”—stories and videos, primarily. In the meantime:

My short film project F.A.M.E. is lined up for the Kevin Smith Comedy Screenplay Award, a $40,000 grant offered by Decentralized Pictures, a nonprofit seeking to discover new, innovative filmmaking talent. Founded by members of the Coppola clan, it connects emerging artists to industry veterans through public voting contests. The financing is assigned based on written reviews and numerical scores from other members on the platform—which is free and easy to join. I created the guide below to walk you through how to do it, step-by-step.

The lead role is set to be played by Ruby McCollister. Here’s a blurb on the story:

First, Watch the Pitch Video Above

Voting ends at 6:59 PM EST on Sunday, January 29th.

Before then, please complete the steps below.

“Alright Alright, How Do I Vote?”

Step 1: Visit

Step 2: Find F.A.M.E. on the homepage. Notice the eye-catching purple hue. Quick, click it!

Step 3: Select “Review Proposal.”

Step 4:  Select “Register Now.” This option allows you to create an account with an email, username, and password. Then click “Register."

Step 5: DCP will send you a verification email. Open it and click the "verify" link. If the email doesn't arrive, check your spam folder and/or contact DCP to help you verify your account manually (or reach out to me and I’ll provide guidance).

Step 6: Select "Start Identity Verification" and then "Create Wallet.”

Step 7: Because of the large prize at stake, DCP is quite careful about identity verification to prevent scammers, cheaters, bots, and other unsavory characters from spoiling the fun. That means you'll need to input your phone number, legal name, and address. Please follow each step onscreen.

You will also be asked for the last 4 digits of your SSN. DCP is safe and reputable, endorsed by the Coppola film family and other name-brand talent, and the website’s privacy policy ensures that your data, which will only be used to verify your identity, is safe.

Step 8: Select the option to create a "Virtual Wallet" by signing into your Gmail, Facebook, or Twitter account. You will not be asked for any personal financial information or required to make a purchase to participate.,y_0,w_976,h_458/fill/w_694,h_340,al_c,q_80,usm_0.66_1.00_0.01,enc_auto/4_wallet.jpg

Select "Connect Wallet," follow the prompts, and click "Got it. Let's go!",y_0,w_976,h_458/fill/w_694,h_340,al_c,q_80,usm_0.66_1.00_0.01,enc_auto/5.jpg

Step 9: You're now in the system and can vote for F.A.M.E. When scoring, please ensure “Recommend” is selected, then adjust the numerical half-moon sliders, using a 10-point grading scale for reference (6.0-6.9 is a D, 7.0-7.9 is a C, 8.0-8.9 is a B, 9.0-10.0 is an A).

Any score at or above my current average (circled below) will help. Anything lower damages the overall average, bringing the score down. No offense if you math-heads read that and say “duh.”

Write out a comment and your vote will carry more weight. Be sure to select "Next," then "Submit," and finally "Review Now" to complete the process.

Scroll down the page, find another vote that is also 9.0 or higher, and click the thumbs-up. This counts as a bonus point in F.A.M.E.’s favor.

After you cast your vote for F.A.M.E., please refrain from bombing other proposals with negative reviews—it busts up the integrity of the process, G!

Thanks, and feel free to share this guide with other potentially interested parties.